Demiris/Rice Advertising has specialized in Recruitment Advertising for over twenty years. It’s not only our specialty, it’s our niche, our meat and potatoes. We save our clients time, money, creative brain-cramps and deadline stress and do everything we can so that our clients get their sought-after qualified candidates. Our resources and expertise in this specialized form of media buying allows us to provide cost-efficient advertising by utilizing a variety of media resources that are most appropriate and effective for a client’s type of business or industry. Our savvy creative team designs concise, effective advertising messages that stand out from the competition and reach potential employees.

Cost Effective Recruitment Advertising
We negotiate the lowest newspaper line rates for recruitment advertising, thereby maximizing advertising budgets.

  • We create concise and effective recruitment ads to minimize the cost of “wordy” copy.
  • We pass along special rates and pricing programs that offer reduced costs.
  • We consolidate billing into one easy-to-read monthly invoice, thereby saving our clients time.
Demiris/Rice will help reduce a company’s workload by taking over recruitment advertising placement, so our clients can focus on hiring ideal candidates.

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